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Mocha Lovers Gift Box


Mocha Lovers Gift Box is the ideal gift for anyone who loves coffee and/or chocolate! Pamper them with our unique Caffè Macchiato Natural Soap, our luxurious Cacao Shimmer Lip Balm, and our delectable Coffee Bean Eye Cream! The Tussah Silk in our Caffè Macchiato soap enhances the skin-softening properties while the organic coffee in the eye cream helps reduce puffiness around the eyes while enhancing circulation. The lip balm soothes and protects dry lips.

The black box comes packaged with ribbon and gift tag if desired. Ideal for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday or more!

Our products do not contain petroleum-based chemicals, parabens, phthalates, or artificial fragrances.


Mocha Lovers Gift Box Includes:

Caffè Macchiato Natural Soap (4 oz.)

This rich combination of coffee, cacao, and natural plant oils is deeply cleansing and moisturizing. Tussah Silk adds a delightful softness while the cinnamon essential oil makes for a rich aromatic experience.

Cacao Shimmer Natural Lip Balm (.25 oz.)

This nourishing balm is specially formulated using only the finest pure and natural ingredients, which include apricot kernel oil, a sweet-scented, luxurious oil to nourish and lubricate; jojoba oil, a long-lasting, antibacterial oil to soothe and protect; and plum kernel oil, a unique moisturizing oil.

Coffee Bean Eye Cream (.5 oz.)

This combination of fresh coffee grounds infused in shea butter and coconut oil improves circulation and diminishes puffiness around the eyes. The caffeine helps constrict blood vessels. Rose geranium essential oil stimulates circulation and helps diminish wrinkles.



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